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GSD Series Heavy Duty Grinding Mill

Input Size:≤40mm
Output Size:0.038-0.18mm


Calcium carbonate powder processing factory,Power plant desulfurization,Putty powder and Coating Factory,Rare earth processing factory,Power Plant/Steelworks/ Coal grinding system in smelter,Grinding system of coke powder in glass plant, Concrete mix

GSD series heavy duty grinding mill is the high-end grinding mill, which adopts the Germany advanced technology and standard.

It has been taking the leading position relatively owing to the product design, material selection, quality control and service standard. The heavy duty grinding mill is the most suitable equipment for the customers who need the huge capacity, the intelligent system, the smallest occupation, and the continuously working ability.


  • Unique structure and lubrication technology of grinding roll
  • Roller can work continuously for 30 days with only once grease added, compared with other manufacturers’ for once every 24 hours
  • High output, low consumption, small occupation
  • Capacity of grinding mill can be up to 60t/h and modular design ensures the standard model only occupied 100M2.
  • Squirrel cage type cone turbine classifier
  • Get the high grading accuracy and the large air flow area. The particle size of the final product is adjustable at 80-600 mesh.
  • Arc air duct, volute and non-resistance inspection door
  • The air loss is less, the material orientation is more reasonable, the powder selection is more effective.
  • High pressure roots blower
  • Increasing the conveying capacity of the powder and the output capacity by increasing the air volume.
  • Energy saving and environmental protection
  • Equipped with professional dust collector which conform to environmental protection requirements.
Technical Parameter
GSD Series Heavy Duty Grinding Mill