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The sales process is the process that is important in a bidding process. Of course sales is the final process is obtained based on the effort that has been done. In obtaining a good sales results of efforts needed to be made, it is very good if you as a seller of the product knowing the candidate is ideal for products you will offer.

One of the ways that we can do to improve the sales process is the process of with lead management. Lead management is a feature that can assist you in optimizing the process of sale of products and services that you have. With this process you can find out a good marketing potential for the product that you have.

Definition of lead management

Lead management is a process of searching and tracking of potentially prospective consumers as a market corresponding to the product you have. This process is sometimes also referred to as process management contact or customer acquisition. Important process which is done in the lead management process is as follows.

Lead generation: this process is where you create appeal and interest the Subscriber against the product you have, this process is done by making the advertising or promotion of product you have the promotional process can be done in newspapers, media social, television advertising and other campaign.

Customer inquiry and capture: the second Process is done after heavy promotion i.e. knowing consumer interest toward products that have been advertised. Process is important to know how big the power of market interest in advertising has been done. The data of every consumer should note well, this includes email and personal data of prospective consumers.

Lead nurturing: the process is done by way of sorting contacts and conducted a follow-up of all contacts that have been made. This process is the most important process, because in the process is the process the end product sales. If the sales process much successful lead management process means that conducted worked well already and if not then need to do repairs and improvements in